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Transparent. Raw. Charismatic. Down to earth. Authentic. Empowering.

Meet Sharise

"Whole Women Win -
Get Whole"
Sharise L. Erby

From a young child Sharise has always been a leader among her peers and held in high regard but Sharise has not always believed she was special in God's eyes. Sharise shares the same story as many of you, she was molested in her early years instead of seeking help for Sharise her parents did the best they knew to do and swept it under the rug. As Sharise approached her teenager years (oh Lord) she felt that all that was precious within her had been stripped away and she was an unclean worthless vessel. Despite the love that was showered upon Sharise, internally she was broken. She became expert at living behind a mask, no one truly knew her pain. It is not just a cliche' Sharise has literally transformed her pain into power. Using her real-life experiences Sharise has an unique way of getting your attention and speaking to your heart.


Sharise will tell you that she wouldn't trade her journey for nothing, it has made her vessel she is today and allows her to speak life into women in her community, her church, the global stage, in a parking lot, or wherever she feels the tugging of her spirit. 

Sharise's Journey:

  • Molestation Survivor at 6 years old.

  • Single mother of two boys, gave birth to her first child at 17.

  • Promiscuous and wild living between 14-17 years of age.

  • Thoughts of suicide as a teen.

  • Her children saved and re-directed her life.

  • Entered the health care industry and quickly rose to senior leadership.

  • Returned to college as an adult earning her Bachelor of Human Services Management and her Master of Health Administration.

  • Became a licensed Minister and Life Coach.

  • Overcame a dysfunctional first marriage and in 2019 became a widow after the passing of her second amazing husband Michael Castle.

  • Left her six-figure corporate job to create her own economy and rather than fighting over a seat at the table, she has built her own.

  • Is the Founder of the Phenomenal Woman Empowerment Network.

  • Self-published two books.

  • She's built businesses, lost businesses, and has found success.

  • Is living her best life and travels the world empowering women to live their best life too!

Sharise has been recognized as the 2019 Business Woman of the Year by the Ready Set Go Foundation, presented with the 2019 MOZ Award by Glory House International for her mentoring work with young women, the 2017 "Woman Rising Up" by Women on a Mission, and is the recipient of the 2016  Black Wall Street's Community Leadership Award. 

Now that the formalities are finished, are you ready to live your best life? Are you ready to walk in the power of your anointing? Are you ready to go get your dreams? Rock with Sharise and let's make it happen, this is YOUR season!

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